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Jessica To’oto’o, Cosmetic Coordinator & Marketing Specialist

Jessica To’oto’o
Fun Facts


1. Favorite restaurant or bar in Chicago?
Chez Moi in Lincoln Park for French onion soup, and Alive One for late night hip hop!

2. Favorite Pandora station to listen to in the office?
Carole King, Coldplay

3. Cubs or Sox?
Cubs, but living in Wrigleyville for 3 years was faaar too long.

4. What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?
Be a homeowner!!

5. Favorite place to vacation?
Somewhere in Europe with tons of history- Italy has been my favorite so far

6. Favorite adult beverage?
I love spritzing (white wine spritzer), or a margarita on the rocks with tons of salt

7. Go to Karaoke song?
I am a huge fan of watching other people karaoke, but I will NEVER sing!

8. Starbucks order?
Venti Iced Black Tea Unsweetened

9. What keeps you sane?
ClassPass, my husband, and terrible reality TV

10. Any hidden talents?
I can type 95 words a minute consistently and I only use my pointer and middle fingers

11. Early bird or night owl?
Early bird- I am the master of the “Houdini” when I go out at night

12. Favorite quote?
“Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, go home when you’re tired.”

13. Why did you choose Dermatology?
I love making patients feel good about themselves and improving their self esteem, and I love all the new technology that is always evolving!

14. Favorite treatment at Pinski Dermatology?
Clear and Brilliant with Kayla- after about a week my skin looks amazing!

Joining Pinski Dermatology in 2014, Jessica is originally from the Chicago area, and returned to the city to work in marketing for a medical supply company for a few years after earning her bachelor’s at the University of Iowa. She then decided to pursue a license in medical esthetics so she could move into a role where she could interact more with patients. She has experience in many different aspects of the cosmetic dermatology field, from performing cutting edge esthetic treatments to creating customized treatment plans for patients and guiding them through the process.

Jessica brings with her an extensive background of knowledge in cosmetic procedures and products and a kind approach to customer service. She loves to keep up to date with education and training on new technologies. She will be there to answer any questions you may have before and after your procedure, ensuring that your experience at Pinski Dermatology is positive and enjoyable.

In her free time you can find her traveling with her fiancé, cooking, playing beach volleyball, and exploring the city!

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