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Glytone Hand Peel Chicago

What is a Glytone Hand Peel and am I a good candidate?

The Glytone hand peel is one of our favorite treatments for hand rejuvenation! This peel is formulates specifically for the hand area, and is comprised of 20% trichloracetic acid (TCA), 10% lactic acid, and 5% kojic acid. These ingredients are perfect for aged hands, wrinkled hands, sun spots, and rough skin.

What are the benefits of the Glytone Hand Peel and how does it work?

The Glytone peel is applied to clean skin using a mini brush. The peel is applied in 1-3 layers depending on the skin’s tolerance. You may feel a slight tingle while the chemicals are changing the pH of the skin. A barrier repair cream and sunblock is applied following every chemical peel treatment. The peel works by increasing cellular turnover in the skin, and chemically exfoliating the area resulting in a rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Whether done on the face, neck, chest, or hands, chemical peels are best done in a series of 3-6 treatments to achieve the best results. Hand peels can be done at 4 week intervals for aggressive treatment. Once the sun spots have faded and hands appear more youthful, treatments can be spaced further apart.

What type of results will I see?

After a peel or series of peels, you will notice reduction in the appearance of dark spots and improvement in the appearance of fine lines, small scars and coarse wrinkles on the hands. The Glytone hand peel gives immediate skin brightening effect, improving skin texture and tone.

Is there any downtime associated with this procedure?

A few days after the treatment, the skin on the hand will begin peeling/flaking, which can last about a week. After about 7-10 days fresh, radiant skin is revealed. Please do not plan to do this before any event where you would be self conscious of your hands.

What other treatments can be combined with the peel?

Chemical peels work wonderfully in combination with a variety of other procedures. If you have pigmented sun spots, lasers may help further fade these spots. Radiesse filler can be injected into the hands to restore volume to veiny, crepey looking skin.

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