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Microneedling is a relatively new skin treatment that involves poking hundreds of tiny holes into your skin—we know it sounds scary, but stay with us—which obviously causes microscopic injuries to the skin that stimulate the growth of new collagen.

At Pinski Dermatology in Chicago, your doctor will use a tool called the Dermaroller, which is a high-quality plastic roller covered in the tiny needles that will gently puncture your face, that he or she will roll over your face in a process that usually lasts around 30 minutes.

There are many benefits to the Dermaroller treatment at Pinski, including increased collagen production, and increased absorption of the skin—meaning the topical products you apply to your skin after the procedure will penetrate your skin better, leading to more effective treatment.

Results from your Dermarolling procedure, such as lighter and brighter feeling skin, will begin to show almost immediately after your treatment. But keep in mind that all skin is different, and that it typically will take from 1 to 3 months for deeper, more noticeable results as the collagen in your skin re-grows.

Keep in mind that there are at-home versions of the Dermaroller that you can try for yourself, but for the safest microneedling procedure, make an appointment at the Pinski Dermatology office in Chicago to ensure the best results. Gorgeous skin is just around the corner!

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