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Q: How does adult skin begin to change when entering their 40’s?

Dr. Pinski: Typically at this time frame many will see a slight shift to drier skin along with an increase in pigmentation and/or textural changes like wrinkles. Most of these changes are more due to sun damage than they are a result from aging. This has been well demonstrated in people who stay away from significant sun exposure. For example, aged Buddhist monks are known to have baby soft skin with overall even skin tone which has a direct correlation to their limited exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVA/UVB) rays.
One significant problem that does occur with age and is genetically pre-determined is the loss of hard and soft tissue in our faces. In effect, as collagen and elastin molecules become broken down in our skin, facial volume begins to decline and contour irregularities can increase.

Q: What are some products that you suggest patients over 40 should have in their skin care regimen to help fight various signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dullness/textural changes and sun damage as you mentioned?

Dr. Pinski: My ideal anti-aging and rejuvenating regimen these days consists of an antioxidant, growth factor and sunblock in the morning. An antioxidant helps to prevent free radical damage and protect skin from future damage while a growth factor stimulates collagen in the skin. Sunblock should be used every day, rain or shine, and be reapplied every 3 hours when exposed to environmental elements. For night time, I recommend a retinol to help with cell turnover in the skin and in many a trichloroacetic acid cream to help brighten and drastically improve textural irregularities.

Q: What procedures can help further treat these concerns or slow down the aging process?

Dr. Pinski: Topical products are the first line approach and cornerstone for patients interested in facial rejuvenation. For those wishing to get slightly more aggressive, Dermasweep is an excellent non-invasive option that helps to exfoliate the skin and improve texture and tone with various epidermal infusions tailored to each skin type and concern.

Replacing lost volume with fillers nowadays has become a wonderful way to turn back the clock and gives a very natural and youthful appearance. In addition, neuro-modulators (like Botox) can prevent one from developing etched in facial lines by softening muscle contraction in areas of expression. For those patients who already have more significant textural changes such as scarring and etched in facial lines, laser resurfacing is a great technique for a dramatic improvement. These days, a topical anesthetic cream is used to help minimize discomfort and up to 3 days of downtime are necessary.

Q: Any other skin care tips?
Dr. Pinski: Healthy living, a great outlet for stress, lots of fluids, adequate rest and a custom skin care and treatment regimen!

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