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Q: Why is my acne more prevalent during the summer months? Is it because I am sweating more?

Did you know that it can take up to two months for acne to develop? The first step of an effective acne treatment in Chicago is a good skin care regimen that fits your needs and skin type. Acne can present many different ways, either by a black head, white little bump, red bump or inflamed painful lesion. Regardless, it all starts with the oil and bacteria on your skin accumulating which leads your own body’s immune response fighting back causing the inflammation, hence the pimple.

Now that summer has finally arrived, we can prepare for acne flares from the extreme heat and dreaded excess of sweat. One important thing to note is that sweat does not cause acne! It is all that dirt, bacteria and oil buildup on your face that sticks to moist skin and leads to clogged pores. Make sure you remove dirt, bacteria and oil buildup after sweating by cleansing your skin. To keep from clogging pores, make sure you shower after a good sweat. Avoid scrubbing because this irritation can cause acne to flare. A good cleanser is with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), such as our own SpaFusion 10% Moisturizing Cleanser (glycolic) wash or, if you are on the run, you should use our SpaFusion Ultra Clear AHA pads for a quick wipe down. Both designed for all skin types. Sweating and friction can cause flares as well so make sure you wear loose clothing and wipe down all equipment after use. For stubborn acne, make sure you follow up with a Chicago dermatologist, for it may be yeast or another form of bacteria that is infecting your skin.

Remember to protect your skin with a good SPF. There are many that are non-comedogenic (non-clogging). Even though you may feel the sun makes the acne better, in the end it can lead to acne flares, and worst of all, it can cause skin cancer!

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-Renata M. Block, MMS, PA-C

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