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Alopecia Areata Chicago

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that can result in the sudden loss of hair in round, circular patches on the scalp or body. It is thought to be the body’s immune response to the perceived threat of the follicles in which it attacks them. The inflammatory cycle is unpredictable and can go through stages of loss and regrowth. Alopecia Areata can sometimes run in families or be more common in people with other autoimmune disorders like thyroid diseases, diabetes and lupus.

What causes Alopecia Areata?

It is thought that the genetic makeup, immune system and possible other unknown triggers may cause the cycle of inflammation of hair loss.

How can I treat Alopecia Areata?

Hair usually grows back by itself, but slowly. The natural re-growth of hair can often be sped up by injecting a cortisone medicine into the area of hair loss. The cortisone is injected into the skin. It acts only in the area where it has been injected. Unfortunately, this does not prevent new areas of hair loss. However, if new areas of hair loss appear, re-growth may be helped by injecting the cortisone. Alternatively, topical medications like Minoxidil may also be utilized.

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