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It’s not a laser, but a radio-frequency device that stimulates your own collagen, which eventually tightens the area treated. It produces a long lasting result and results continue to improve up to six months after your
procedure. The duration depends on your age, skin condition, and lifestyle. Basically, it’s setting the clock back but not stopping it. The amount of visible improvement varies from subtle to dramatic; nonetheless, everyone who has a Thermage procedure achieves healthier collagen.

Renata Block, MMS, PA-C and Diplomate SDPA, Pinski Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery


Renata also performs a variety of other anti-aging treatments that she tailors for every patient. Some of these include NLite Anti-Aging Laser Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Chemical Peels, and many other cosmetic as well as dermatologic treatments and services. To book an appointment with Renata please contact our office at 312-263-4625 for our Chicago Location or 815-933-2227 for Bourbonnais.

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