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There are many contributing factors to developing spider veins. Contrary to popular belief, crossing your legs doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to develop spider veins. This vascular condition is essentially the result of malfunctioning valves in the veins not pushing blood out of that particular region efficiently. This causes the blood to pool, leading to embarrassing prominent veins.

Some of the factors that can cause or worsen spider veins include:

Sclerotherapy is an effective non-surgical procedure that eliminates the effected veins. Sclerotherapy works by using a solution that is injected into the visible veins, causing the vein walls to collapse soon after. The veins gradually dissolve over several weeks and eventually disappear completely. Because the veins close up, it makes the recurrence of spider veins unlikely in the areas treated.

Generally, it can take 2-3 treatments about a month apart for best results, but patients often see a big improvement after the first treatment and may not need additional sessions. The provider will be able to discuss during the consultation what type of resolution you will experience and how many sessions would be recommended for your individual case.

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