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In preparation to say “I do” and make sure my wedding day is picture perfect, I’ve started to upgrade my skin care regimen to guarantee I look and feel my best. Planning can become overwhelming, stress levels seem to increase, and it becomes challenging to put aside the to-do list. Finalizing my wedding photographer, and the thought of posing for pictures, I decided to focus on my skin.

As an adult I’ve started to experience acne (thank you hormones) and knew I needed to focus my regimen around exfoliation. Regular exfoliation reduces dead cell build up, softens the skin, brightens complexion and significantly lessons breakouts. It’s essential to pick the proper form of exfoliation for your skin. Some exfoliation can be too stimulating to acne-prone skin and cause flares. Currently I’m using Glytone Mild Gel wash, this wash contains glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and control oil production. To provide more control for my acne, I use a topical retinoid called Tazorac. Retnoids unclog pores and reduce the frequency of flares. Not only are retnoids an effective acne treatment but they provide anti-aging benefits to preserve my youthfulness (score!). I’ve recently added SkinCeuitcals Phloretin C F antioxidant serum to help neutralize free radicals, calm my skin, and help protect against premature aging. Regardless of age or skin type, everyone can benefit from antioxidants and sun screen. Using products such as retnoids and lycolic acid, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun; my preference in sunscreen is SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion. This SPF is a physical block protecting my skin from VA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Physical Fusion has a slight tint that matches all skin types and supplies your skin with a sheer even tone. Using daily exfoliants, your skin may become dry, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. I’ve added GloTherapeutics oil-free moisturizer that is antioxidant-rich to ensure my skin stays well nourished.

Nothing is more beautiful than a brides natural happiness glow, but to make sure my complexion is just that, I’ve started a series of DermaSweeps. This procedure improves texture, unclogs pores, refines large pores appearance, promotes collagen, and increases circulation. There are multiple infusions with DermaSweep to target my acne, hydrate, or exfoliate my skin. After my DermaSweep, I leave with my skin feeling brighter, smoother, and rejuvenated. I’ll never be able to control the weather, I may spill on my dress, or we may lose the ring…… but I do know, I’ll be glowing from the inside-out!

-Tami Peti
Medical Assistant, Bourbonnais location

Dermasweep is available at our Chicago dermatology location and our Bourbonnais Dermatology Location. Dr. Pinski has been named one of the best dermatologists in Chicago, call today to schedule a consultation and get a customized wedding regimen before your big day!

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