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What causes hand dermatitis?

Hand dermatitis, also known as hand eczema, is extremely common. Hands perform so many different tasks day-to-day, so they are routinely exposed to irritating agents. Hand rashes usually result from a combination of sensitive skin and irritation (or allergy) from materials.

Patients with hand dermatitis often suffer from dermatitis elsewhere on the body, or have a family history of hand dermatitis.

The condition can be well treated and managed when the right precautions are followed.

How do I protect my skin from hand dermatitis?

Skin protection is an important part of treatment. The following instructions give you detailed directions on how to develop effective daily habits to improve the condition.

There is no fast, “magic” treatment for hand dermatitis. Your skin must be given a rest from irritation to heal. For best results, follow these instructions carefully.

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