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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and as much as your dad or husband insists he’s the manliest man around, everyone wants to have good skin, right? We offer a wide variety of skin treatments at Pinski Dermatology in Chicago that we’re sure dad would love, so below are a few that we think will make a perfect Father’s Day present.

Hair Loss
Maybe Father’s Day isn’t the best time to remind dad that he’s losing his hair, but if he’s been wanting the procedure for a while, now is the time to treat him to it! At Pinski Dermatology in Chicago, he can talk with a doctor to see which treatments—either topical or internal—will work best for him. There’s no better start to summer than a full head of hair!

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are acid solutions that are applied to the skin topically to exfoliate dead skin cells, and improve tone, texture, and the rate of cell turnover. Chemical peels are beneficial especially for sun damaged skin and age spots, so if dad loves to spend time outside on the beach or at the golf course, this is the skin treatment for him.

If dad is a little self-conscious about the skin on his chin or neck, Ultherapy is the treatment he needs to know about. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound to stimulate the growth of new collagen deep within the skin. Most people notice immediate results, but full results will typically appear 2 to 3 months after his treatment. There’s also minimal downtime for Ultherapy treatments, so your active dad can get right back to all of his favorite activities.

Just your luck! Pinski Dermatology Chicago is running a promo this month on Father’s Day gift cards! So you can let dad choose his own skin treatment… Because we all know he’s picky anyway.

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