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The best accessory a woman can have during the summer is glowy, healthy skin. And the women with the glowiest, healthiest skin know that applying sunblock every day is essential to keeping skin youthful and safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

There are two general types of sunscreens to be aware of—physical and chemical sunscreens. The basic difference between the two is that physical sunscreens use physical UV filters, while chemical sunscreens use chemical UV filters.

OK… so what does that actually mean?

Knowing the difference between the two types of sunscreen is helpful when choosing what’s best for your skin, but most sunscreens today contain both physical and chemical UV filters.

Whether physical or chemical, though, it’s important to keep applying that sunscreen on the daily. And if you’re still not sure what type is best for you, consult your Pinski Dermatologist in Chicago for more information based on your skin.

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