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It’s officially the middle of a hot Chicago summer now, so your decolletage has probably been on full display for quite a few weeks now. If you’re feeling a bit insecure about some lines and wrinkles in the area—trust us—you’re not alone.

At Pinski Dermatology in Chicago, we can help boost your confidence (not that you don’t already know you’re gorgeous) with a non-invasive skin tightening treatment called Ultherapy. What’s Ultherapy? Glad you asked.

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure to lift eyebrow, neck and under-chin skin. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to lift decolletage skin without any downtime or surgery. Can we get an amen?

The ultrasound energy works to stimulate collagen production by focusing on the skin’s foundational layer and jumpstarting the regenerative process that produces the fresh collagen that will tighten your beautiful skin.

Next question—what should you expect? First, your Pinski Dermatology practitioner will apply ultrasound gel and begin the ultrasound imaging. When the treatment begins, you’ll feel the tiny amounts of energy being deposited into your skin, meaning the collagen rebuilding has officially begun.

There’s no downtime after the procedure, but your skin may appear flushed and feel a bit tingly or tender—all of which is temporary.

So now that you know all the deets… What are you waiting for? Call Pinski Dermatology Chicago today to schedule your Ultherapy skin tightening procedure. Summer only lasts so long!

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