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Dermatology Blog

Making Sense of Photo-aging and Its Prevention

Published on February 20, 2018 by

The numerous causes of skin aging can be divided into two broad categories: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging results from cellular processes that occur over time and are influenced by genetics. Extrinsic aging results from environmental exposures that cause cellular

Injectable Facial Rejuvenation for Men Chicago

Published on January 8, 2018 by

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular among men. Men are using facial rejuvenation treatments to stay competitive in their careers and to feel more confident in their skin. Injectable facial rejuvenation treatments are popular for both men and

Silhouette InstaLift Chicago

Published on January 8, 2018 by

The Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive procedure performed to lift the face and restore volume to the mid-face and cheek area. This FDA approved treatment is a great option for men and women alike who are looking for an

Chemical Peels Chicago

Published on December 19, 2017 by
Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are performed to improve skin texture and tone and to remove dead skin cells. There are various chemical peels including TCA (trichloroacetic acid), Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic Acid. Chemical Peels can vary in strength and most require no downtime with

Ultherapy Chicago

Published on December 19, 2017 by

Ultherapy is an FDA approved, non-invasive procedure performed to revitalize and lift the skin on the face, neck, and chest. Harnessing the power of the ultrasound to stimulate the deep development of collagen within the skin, Ultherapy can help rejuvenate all

Hair Loss Chicago

Published on December 19, 2017 by

by Renata Block, Physicial Assistant, AKA Super Derm Girl Hair loss is not uncommon as it is normal to shed approximately 100 hairs on a daily basis.  It is a natural process but who really counts; however, trust me, we know if there is an excess of

Microblading Eyebrows Chicago

Published on October 17, 2017 by
Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is an increasingly popular, semi-permanent treatment to fill in or reshape eyebrows. The Microblading technique is done manually with a pigment applied by a tool that has a small blade with many tiny needles attached. These tiny needles create a

Liposuction Chicago

Published on October 17, 2017 by

Liposuction is a popular body contouring procedure performed to permanently remove stubborn fat cells in a localized area. Most people have an area of their body that they struggle with more than the rest of their body. The area of concern

Dealing with Dandruff

Published on October 5, 2017 by

As the cooler weather approaches, you may feel that dandruff on you scalp is worsening. Well, it probably is. Dandruff is a dry or greasy scale that can cause redness and crustiness to your scalp, face, as well as other

Thermage For Eyes Chicago

Published on October 4, 2017 by

Thermage is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment used to smooth and rejuvenate the appearance of the delicate skin under the eyes and on the eyelids. It can be an excellent, safe, and effective treatment option to drastically reduce the unwanted signs of

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