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April is Rosacea Awareness Month and I want to give you some information about what Rosacea is, its symptoms, triggers, and treatment options.  There are approximately 16 Million Americans who suffer from this chronic condition and it can affect any skin color.  As a provider, it is commonly seen in various stages on a daily basis.  Stages can include mild (facial redness/flushing) to severe (pimples, bumps, skin texture changes) with or without symptoms such as burning, itching, irritation.  In women, signs and symptoms occur usually to Cheeks and Chin and in men:  Redness and even swelling can occur of the nose.  A diagnosis is confirmed with ONE primary sign; however, I have many patients that can experience all FOUR:

If you have any one of these primary signs then you may have Rosacea:

  1. Flushing
  2. Persistent Redness
  3. Visible blood vessels
  4. bumps and pimples

There are many culprits that can exacerbate the signs and symptoms of Rosacea.  Are you experiencing facial redness, especially after you drink hot liquids, alcohol or eat spicy foods, product use or sun exposure?   Are you noticing the redness worsening and even some red bumps and blood vessels appearing on your face as you get older?  Remember, Rosacea is a chronic condition and is typically seen in people in their early 30’s, though I have seen some cases of people in their late 20’s.   It is characterized by flare-ups from triggers such as:

Hot Liquids
Sun Exposure
Emotional Stress
Foods (Certain fruits, vegetables, dairy products, spices and even marinated meats)
Illness or medical conditions
Weather including humidity, cold weather, wind
Certain skin care products or their ingredients (abrasive products such as alcohol, scrubs)

Take note that one of the biggest triggers is Sun Exposure!  Unfortunately, it is what we are exposed to on a daily basis because we do go outside, sit by a window, ride in a car.  Even as little as 5 minutes a day can cause cumulative damage to the skin.  This is why wearing a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or higher is the most important product you can use.  You must always remember to reapply every 3 hours if outdoors or after swimming, sweating.  Some of my faves include:  Elta MD, SkinCeuticals Physical Block, or any OTC indicated for “Baby.”  

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It is best to monitor your triggers and document them.  Once you have a list, you can try your best to avoid them.  There are also many prescription options for maintenance and better control.  Avoidance of triggers along with treatment is important for remission.  Remember to never diagnose yourself and always see a board-certified dermatologist or a certified PA-C specializing in Dermatology for a correct diagnosis and treatment.   There are other, more serious, skin conditions that can mimic Rosacea and should not be ignored.

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