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You know that heart transplants, kidney transplants, and liver transplants can save your life, but did you know that hair transplants can save your appearance? If you are a man or woman suffering from the embarrassment of thinning hair, transplants are an excellent form of hair restoration in Chicago. This treatment is most commonly used for men with male pattern baldness in order to restore hair density to thinning areas, which are typically seen in the crown of the head and along the hairline. This method of hair restoration in Chicago uses rich donor site hair from the back of the head and transplants the follicles along with the surrounding dermis and epidermis to the areas with noticeable hair thinning.

At Pinski Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, we remove follicles from the donor section under local anesthesia. Immediately after a hair transplant, there may be some scabbing, swelling, and itching, but this usually goes away after seven to 10 days. During this time, the newly implanted hairs may fall out, but the follicle remains in place and will regrow the hair. To our patients’ delight, this form of hair restoration in Chicago is permanent, and once the hair has been put in place, it can be styled and treated just like the rest of your hair.

Hair Restoration Chicago – Pinski Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, S.C. offers hair restoration in Chicago In addition, our experienced staff offers a variety of skin care treatments. For more information, call our Chicago location at 312.263.4625 or fill out a convenient online form at For the convenience of our patients, we also have a location in Bourbonnais that can be reached by calling 815.933.2227.

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