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Skin Tags Chicago

What are Skin Tags?

A skin tag is a benign growth on the skin where a flap of skin hangs off a connecting stalk. They are typically harmless and painless. If it is a cosmetic concern or is bothersome, it can easily be removed.

What causes Skin Tags?

One in four people will develop skin tags at some point in their life. They are usually found on the neck, chest, armpits, eyelid, and under the breast or groin area. They do not cause any discomfort, but they can become irritated by clothing, shaving and jewelry or anything causing friction to the area. They can form as a result of skin constantly rubbing against skin, which is why they can commonly occur in folds or creases in the skin. Some people are more prone to developing the tags, especially middle-aged obese men and women, those with diabetes, and pregnant women among other groups.

How can I treat Skin Tags?

Skin tags can be treated by cryosurgery, cauterization, excision or surgical methods to remove the growth.

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