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The sun is setting on summer, but the skin damage done to your skin by the sun is just starting to rise.

Hopefully, you’ve been wearing your sunscreen all summer long, but even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. And the way to remove that summer skin damage is with the SkinCeuticals micropeel.

You already love your SkinCeuticals home care regimen from Pinski Dermatology (but probably not as much as we do!), but occasional professional peels administered by your Chicago dermatologist are just as essential as your daily regimen to maintaining your skin’s health and youthful appearance.

The list of benefits could go on and on, but here are some of the best results from SkinCeuticals:

So, if you want to get your skin re-hydrated and and rejuvenated in time for the further damaging Chicago winter temperatures, call your Chicago dermatologist at Pinski Dermatology today to schedule your SkinCeuticals micropeel today!

And to stock up on your home care products, of course!

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