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Dermaplaning Facial

For a quick treatment with no downtime, dermaplaning might be just what you need for smooth, glowing skin! Dermaplaning is perfect before events, special occasions or for those who prefer a face free of “peach fuzz” for easier makeup application and better skincare efficacy. We also recommend dermaplaning to anyone about to undergo a chemical peel treatment to allow better penetration which leads to better results. 

What this 60-75 minute facial consist of:

Sensitive/Calming Facial (Phyto facial)

Our phyto facial is great for Sensative, dehydrated or acne prone skin. This facial uses Medical grade products to balance skin, replenishes hydration, soothes inflammation, and preps skin for optimal absorption of other products. Our products in our Phytofacial contain hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme, and other botanical ingredients, making it an ideal for sensitive skin.

What this 30 minute facial consist of:

Basic Facial

Our Basic medical facial works by treating the skin from the inside out, going beyond its surface to truly restore and rejuvenate your skin’s health. Our facials preserve and cleanse the skin, encourage collagen stimulation, improve circulation, exfoliate and remove toxins, and correct skin imperfections by improving the skin’s appearance and its health. Because medical facials work at the cellular level, accounting for your skin’s shedding and regeneration cycles, you’ll notice improvements instantly.

This 45 minute facial consist of:

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