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Human Growth Factors in Skincare Products

There has been a lot of recent buzz regarding skincare products containing “human growth factors”, but often consumers do not know what growth factors are and if/why these products are good for them. Growth factors truly can benefit the skin in many ways, so the hype is true in this scenario! Growth factors regulate the growth and reproduction of cells. As we age, we lose collagen, and these growth factors help promote collagen formation and help regenerate new, healthy tissue.

The Neocutis Bio-Serum is one of our favorite products at Pinski Dermatology! Neocutis utilizes a technology called PSP, or Processed Skin cell Proteins. These proteins are human growth factors, not derived from plants. Neocutis makes many products that contain the processed skin cell proteins, but the Bio-Serum is a higher potency that contains more PSP to provide faster, more visible results and that’s why we love it.

Products containing growth factors can be used on a daily basis, and are especially beneficial post procedure because of their wound healing abilities. They are great to use after a resurfacing treatment with our esthetician or one of our physicians (lasers, peels, Clear & Brilliant, etc.).

If you are looking for ways to further incorporate Neocutis growth factors into your daily skin care routine, the Bio-Serum pairs excellently with the Lumiere eye cream and the Journee moisturizer with spf to benefit the full face day and night.

Still have questions about growth factors? For more information or to purchase any products, please contact Jessica Sona at

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